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Please note this is NOT reflexology

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Techni-Calm Reflex is a highly respected therapy center specializing in treating injuries and body pain, fractures, back issues, sports, falls and accidents, stress relief , and weight gain issues etc. As one of the most sought after one of a kind, centers for injury therapy, our prime objective is to reduce time to recovery and put our clients back on their feet in the shortest possible time.


At Techni-Calm Reflex, we use a novel approach to resolve your body imbalances through strengthening your reflex points system, using a unique therapy that is fast and long-lasting.

The average individual have never experienced Reflex Points exam nor strengthening , before coming to Techni-Calm Reflex with their body pain problem, their Reflex System is generally weak and damaged. That's why our treatments not only relieve pain, health issues and resolve injuries, but also strengthen the clients' Reflex System. So take-advantage of your present pain case to improve your body performance.

 Utilizing our unique and innovative therapy methods, Techni-Calm Reflex sets the world standards in facilitating the body's reflex system to accelerate rehabilitation and boost stress relief. Time after time our Certified Reflex Correction Specialists break new records in patients satisfaction and reach high professional achievements.


From Professional Excellence to Personal Confidence


Techni-Calm Reflex is your best option for diagnosing and treating body pain health issues and injury problems. With an in-depth understanding of the body's reflex system and many years of research, our team managed to identify new unknown reflex areas, redefining the way to treat the rehabilitation process.


Over the past years Techni-Calm Reflex interviewed, analyzed, diagnosed and treated many individuals who experienced injury related issues as well as health challenges. Our proven ability to boost recovery and achieve full injury rehabilitation has been considerable and evidential.


In many cases, body pain and injuries can be treated in just one session, saving clients the effort to attend repetitive physical therapy. Regardless if it's a new or 20 years old injury, you'll see amazing immediate results, enabling your body to return to its normal physical ability and peak performance.


Techni-Calm's unique Therapeutic Foot Correction technique amazes both patients and physicians. In fact, most patients experience relief and improvement during the initial examination of their reflex points.


Call Techni-Calm Reflex now and youll be back on your feet in no time !


Try out our low-cost demonstration sessions and see for yourself!


We can in many cases prevent injuries and we also can definitely shorten the recovery period, getting you back to your pre-injury body functioning faster than any other therapy method on the market!


We can provide services for:

- Athletes (improve your performance)

- Businesses and Organizations (stress management)

- Exercise (improve movement)

- General Body Pain Issues (pain free)

- Health Insurance Companies (lower your expenses by 95%)

- Hospital Before or After Care (fast recovery)

- Individuals with Health Challenges (improve your health)

- Injury Rehabilitation Centers (fast recovery)

- Olympics (body upgrade & performance)

- Paralysis Issues (body strengthening)

- Professional Sports Injury List(return to the game faster
  and better)

- Professional Sports Teams (strengthening & body upgrade)

- Resolve Repetitive Issues (a therapy that works)

- Sport Insurance (lower your expenses by 95%)

- Senior Citizens (improve your quality of life)

- Stress Management Facilities (balance your stress)

- Sport Marathon (body upgrade)

- Weight Loss (easy & long term)

- Workmen's Compensation (lower your expenses by 95%)

- and much more ......................

 Call Techni-Calm Reflex now and see the magic as it happens!

Stress Relief

 Modern medicine regards the Therapeutic Foot Correction technique as one of the most efficient and results-oriented therapy method for stress relief!


From work-related or sports injuries to physical abnormalities, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide the optimal medical care. Our professional staff is dedicated to helping you throughout the entire healing process, making every possible effort until your full recovery.


Working with the right reflex points of your body, Techni-Calm's team is able to improve your body's performance within a very short time, enabling you to feel relaxed, comfortable and energetic.



 We Support All Types of Body Injuries Through Your Feet. View Sample Injury List Issues Below.

  Achilles Tendinitis
  A.C.L Injury
  Ankle Fracture
  Back Pain
  Body Pain
  Blood Sugar Issues
  Bulging Disc.
  Carpal Tunnel
  Car Accidents
  Fractured Sternum
  Golfer's/Tennis Elbow
  Herniated Disc
  Health Challenges
  Nerve Damage
  Postural Issues
  Quadriceps Sprain
  Slipped Disc
  Snapping Hip Syndrome
  Sport Injury
  Time Release Therapeutics
  Unsuccessful/repetitive surgical
  injury procedures
  Weight Loss Results
  Weightlifting Injury
  and much more.........

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Please Note: That Techni-Calm Reflex System is a not a  substitute for  medical treatment  but  a unique alternative to calming body pain, challenging health issue as well as improving the body to optimum performance.